Hero: Andrew Dice Clay

Hero With A Sense Of Humor.

There are a lot of things we can thank the good ol’ borough of Brooklyn for. First there’s Brooklyn Gin. Then, we have Michael Chernow serving up the best balls BK has to offer at The Meatball Shop. And finally there’s America’s most infamous funny man, Andrew Dice Clay. This Brooklyn-based hero made his claim to fame with his often crude humor (to put it lightly) in the late ‘80’s. Long before Clay became the first celeb to hear the words, “You’re Fired” by the Donald on “Celebrity Apprentice 2,” Clay began his career as a stand-up comedian. He became notorious for his lewd jokes and his routine of beginning all of his shows by standing on stage smoking a cigarette in silence in front of the audience, a tradition he still continues today.

This foul-mouthed Hero became the first comedian in history to sell out Madison Square Garden two nights in a row. Subsequently, he also became the first comedian to be banned from MTV after reciting offensive “Adult Nursery Rhymes” at the VMA’s. But don’t worry, that little ban from the network didn’t hold The Diceman down. Aside from making appearances in the TV series “Diff’rent Strokes” and alongside the Brat Pack in “Pretty in Pink,” Clay also starred in the TV series “Hitz” and “Bless This House.” He even had a short-lived reality series “Dice: Undisputed” that aired briefly on VH1.

More recently, you may recognize Clay from his guest role on HBO series “Entourage,” where he played the erratic and emotional co-star on Johnny Drama’s TV series “Johnny Bananas” (we can only hope that he’ll reprise this role in “Entourage the Movie”). Currently, the Diceman resides somewhere in Jersey with his third wife, and if you’re looking to get your fix of Clay, don’t bother driving out to Jersey. He’s currently starring in the Woody Allen film “Blue Jasmine” or you can catch his Sirius radio show “Out of the Cage.” He’s even landed himself a book deal to publish his memoir “The Dirty Truth.” Comedian, Actor, Reality Star, Author, that’s not bad for a boy from the BK huh? Oh, and if you’re wondering, MTV lifted the ban on Clay back in 2011. Long live the Diceman!