Minx: Lucy Pinder

The Curvy Minx.

Born and raised in Winchester Hampshire, England, British Glamour model and Minx: Lucy Pinder’s curvy physique is what got her recognized by a freelance photographer on a beach in 2003. Ten years later, Lucy Pinder is still making waves and has even landed herself a spot on “ FHM’s Sexiest Women in the World.” Australian magazine “ Ralph” crowned Pinder with the title of “ Best Breasts in the World.” Her all-natural sweater kittens, measuring in at an Andre-the-Giant’s-handful-size of 32G certainly got the world’s attention, and landed her a spot on the UK version of “ Celebrity Big Brother.” Though Lucy was the first housemate to get the boot, Pinder had already made her mark and become a household name.

Aside from being beautiful and busty, Lucy is really a minx you can chill with. In her spare time you can catch her on the sidelines cheering for the Southhampton Football Club. If you ask Lucy what’s on her iPod, you’ll find everything from Aretha Franklin to George Michael. She’s even revealed that her life’s ambition is to “ hold a monkey.” (You can definitely help her out on that one). Proving that she’s more than just curves, Lucy also currently runs a weekly advice column for “ Nuts” magazine called “ The Truth About Women.” Although you don’t need much advice in the female department, this is a column definitely worth checking out. Plus, you could use her advice for fodder on you and Lucy’s first date. That is, if you or your monkey do any talking…