2016 Rolls-Royce Dawn

2016 Rolls-Royce Dawn A Droptop Rolls? Yes, Please. What’s better than cruising around sitting in the lap of luxury? Enjoying the lap of luxury below, and the heavens above, with the sun on your face and the wind in you and Coco Rocha’s hair. Welcome to life in the 2016 Rolls-Royce Dawn. The ultimate luxury carmakers call… [Read More]

Mix of the Week: Negroni

Mix of the Week: Negroni Drink Like Italian Nobility If you’re wondering what to drink while sprawled out on a veranda overlooking a Venetian canal—or if you just want a nice aperitif before dinner, you can’t go wrong with a Negroni. Composed of three simple ingredients—gin, Campari and vermouth—this elegant libation has a well-balanced, bitter… [Read More]

Steve McQueen’s 1934 Indian Sport Motorcycle

Steve McQueen’s 1934 Indian Sport Motorcycle For The Steve McQueen Fan. Iconic actor Steve McQueen knew a thing or two about style and he definitely knew a lot about bikes, which explains why he has his very own Triumph Steve McQueen Edition AND a whole collection of Indian motorcycles. Earlier this month, Steve McQueen’s 1934 Indian Sport Motorcycle went up for… [Read More]

Ain’t Nothing to Funk With Beer

Ain’t Nothing to Funk With Beer Enter The Wu. Drink The Wu. If an unborn child listens to classical music in the womb, it supposedly gets smarter. So if a beer listens to the Wu Tang Clan on repeat for six months as it ages, does it become badass and funky? That’s what the guys at Philly’s Dock Street Brewery… [Read More]

Minx: Nikki Leigh

Minx: Nikki Leigh This Minx Will Make 2016 Very Nice Indeed. You may recognize Minx: Nikki Leigh from her centerfold in May 2012’s “Playboy” when she held the honor of Playmate of the Month. Or from her starring role in the new “Two Hearts” video…or from one of her many hosting gigs or TV and movie roles.… [Read More]

How To Master The Morning Commute

How To Master The Morning Commute Recent studies prove that not only is your commute the worst thing you’ll do all day, but commuting makes you exercise less, sleep less, be less politically active, and in Sweden, makes you 40% more likely to get divorced. Yikes. We’d like to help ease the pain of this horrific, twice daily event with small pleasures, like an… [Read More]

Minx: Ashley Haas

Minx: Ashley Haas Minx By Day…Goofball By Night. As your father always told you, nothing is sexier than a woman with a sense of humor. Well, maybe we should edit that to nothing is sexier than a Minx with a sense of humor. Case in point, Minx: Ashley Haas, a self-proclaimed “Model by day…goofball by night.” And… [Read More]

Exclusive Interview: Alex Mijares

Exclusive Interview: Alex Mijares Alexander Mijares is an internationally acclaimed, Miami-based artist, whose star is rising fast. In this exclusive interview, he tells H&H what it’s like to take a paintbrush to a Lamborghini, how he gave a silent middle finger to the posers in the art world and reveals a sneak peek of his plans for this… [Read More]

Pepsi Perfect

Pepsi Perfect Life Imitates Art. And Now, You Can Drink It. They say that life imitates art. In this case, the art is “Back to the Future Part II” and in real life, on 10/21, Pepsi will release a limited edition run of Pepsi Perfect—the very same beverage Marty McFly drinks in the movie in the… [Read More]

Pappy Van Winkle

Pappy Van Winkle The King of Kentucky Bourbon When you ask our friends at Liquor.com—and anyone else who really knows their bourbon—to name the King of Kentucky Bourbon, you’ll invariably hear the words Pappy Van Winkle shouted from the rooftops. Indeed, Pappy is known as one of the finest bourbons in the world, and like anything worth… [Read More]

Exclusive Interview: Lauren Mellor

Exclusive Interview: Lauren Mellor “Sports Illustrated” Swimsuit model Lauren Mellor tells us what it’s like to swing from a hot air balloon in lingerie, take a group shower at Burning Man, and the intricacies of wearing body… [Read More]

Minx: Ava Fiore

Minx: Ava Fiore The Sexy, Sport-Loving Minx Who needs Jim Rome when you can get your sports news from Minx: Ava Fiore? Her Instagram page, “cleatsandcleavage” has 1 million followers, and quite accurately delivers on its promise. Each 15 second video features the lovely Miss Fiore quickly rattling off the sports highlights of the day, then… [Read More]

The United States Of Pizza

The United States Of Pizza Welcome To The Land Of Pizza Opportunity. As an equal opportunity pizza eater (we’ve seen your Pizza Compass swing both ways), you know that there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy a slice. So you’ll totally dig the new cookbook, “The United States Of Pizza” ($30.00) by Craig Plebe and Dianne Jacob. Co-author… [Read More]

Exclusive Interview: DJ Steve Powers

Exclusive Interview: DJ Steve Powers After the recent success of the song “Two Hearts” by Steve Powers & Vassy, the debut release on Uppercase Records, Headlines & Heroes sat down with its DJ/Producer Steve Powers, whose signature sound has been heard on stages and clubs all over the… [Read More]
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