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We are Headlines & Heroes, the modern man’s curator of cool. Our mission is to deliver click worthy content that’s a healthy mix of the aspirational and the attainable. We strive to make Headlines & Heroes an oasis of fun, knowledge and entertainment and inspire readers to get the most out of life.

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A Little Bit More About Headlines & Heroes...

Bobby Rossi, Co-Founder Headlines & Heroes

Bobby Rossi, Co-Founder

Bobby Rossi, a New York native and Penn State graduate has had a long history of brand building and hospitality development under his belt. Currently, Rossi owns and operates No.8 in NYC and both the Rec Room & Regent Cocktail Club in Miami which have been recognized as elite venues in both cities. Due to their high demand and rapid success, outposts of the brands are being developed in various markets with his partners, LDV Hospitality.

In addition to his involvement in the hospitality industry, Bobby is the principle of Rossi Marketing Group, a leader in the strategic marketing field for products that span multiple verticals. His success in both hospitality operations and marketing execution has allowed him to develop an expertise in pinpointing precisely what appeals to a wide demographic, and it’s through this perceptive lens that he curates the content you see throughout the pages and posts of Headlines & Heroes.

Joshua Keller, Co-Founder Headlines & Heroes

Joshua Keller, Co-Founder

Joshua Keller was born and raised in New Jersey and has possessed an entrepreneurial spirit pretty much since birth. A graduate of Ithaca College, Josh has made New York City his home for the better part of the last decade, founding and operating a number of successful endeavors. Like what, you say? Well, he founded and currently operates the digital agency Union Square Media Group, whose clients include Guthy|Renker, Samsung, AT&T among others. Keller has overseen the growth of the company’s marketing, sales and business development efforts since its inception, with great success. Keller also serves on the Board of Directors of Global Agora, a seed stage venture capital fund. Josh is also a partner and member of the board of directors for SUP ATX; the world’s largest stand-up paddle board maker.

Oh yeah, and then there’s Headlines & Heroes. In addition to co-founding H&H, Keller has played a key role in creating and developing their online marketing channels for widespread distribution, as well as helping to develop the back-end technology of H&H’s ever-expanding internet platform. As if that weren’t enough to keep him busy, Keller is also an accomplished musician who was part of the world’s first internet band, The ClipBandits, earned himself a Black Belt in Taekwondo and spends a lot of time praying the Knicks finally get their sh*t together.

Headlines & Heroes Team

  • Bobby Rossi, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
  • Joshua Keller, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
  • Denise Reynolds, Managing Editor
  • Mark Gombar, Developer & Designer
  • Cynthia Gentry, Social Media & Contributing Writer
  • Ajla Afizi, Brand Manager & Partnership Director
  • Brad Philips, Creative Director

The Headlines & Heroes Office Union Square, NYC

The Headlines & Heroes Office Union Square, NYC