Daily Archives: March 13, 2012

Lexus Hybrid Bike

Easy On You & The Environment

While you’re fully capable of pulling your own weight and then some (World’s Strongest Man Title holder for three years straight), you deserve a break now and then. You can take it easy with the Lexus Hybrid Bike that supplements your pedal power with a 24.9 V lithium-ion battery pack and 240W electric motor. The regenerative braking system converts heat energy from the brakes into electrical energy that's stored in the battery. This is just from your braking power. Imagine what they could do with the energy you produce in the tractor-trailer pull. Supply power to a small town, no doubt. Like Miami.

Schick Hydro 5 Power Select

Lube Goes A Long Way

A lesser man wouldn’t last half as long as you do in a steamy make out sesh. One of the reasons, besides the obvious lady skillz you possess, is your silky smooth mug. Women who get stubble rash just don’t keep coming back for more.

When you don’t have time to use the Baxter Blue Steel Straight Razor, the Schick Hydro 5 Power Select ($10.00) is the next best thing. Five skin-guarded blades and a hydrating gel reservoir provide a continuous supply of Aloe Vera and vitamin E to reduce friction and irritation.

It also features three vibration settings, a battery-level indicator, and a flip trimmer to ensure you’ll always be smooch-ready.

Bond 50

License To Thrill.

Beautiful women, exotic locales, impressive stunts, and fast cars. What sounds like a typical day in the life for you, also happens to be the hallmarks of your doppelganger, Mr. Double O Seven. You can celebrate 50 inspired years of James with Bond 50 ($137), a boxed set of all 22 Eon films on Blu-ray. Whether you’re more a Connery, a Brosnan or a Craig, the 130 hours of bonus features will feel like an homage to your fantastic life.

Dress For Dinner Napkin

Clean Up Real Nice

A man as gregarious and well read as you is constantly getting dinner invitations. Everyone from the hot chick down the hall to James Lipton wants a piece of your dinner soirée action. The invites usually come spontaneously and without notice (often directly following your introduction), so keep a Dress For Dinner Napkin ($16.00) on your person so you can attend regardless of your attire. The 13” square paper napkin with a necktie print makes even a mac’n cheese dinner seem classy. With four designs to choose from you’ll never have to decline another invitation. Bon Appetit!

Klipsch Stadium AirPlay Speakers

Own The Airwaves

A regular Don Juan, you’ve got seduction down to a science. Like flying to Napa for tapas or booking the MOMA for a quiet personal tour for two. On the rare occasion that you’re actually wooing a woman at home, you can use the Klipsch Stadium Airplay Speakers ($550) to help along your cause. If you’re sitting on the couch when the mood strikes and you’d like to add an ambient soundtrack, fire up your itunes and play it wirelessly through the AirPlay speaker system without getting up. The brushed aluminum box features dual 1” tweeters, 3” midrange woofers, and dual 5.25” subwoofers, resulting in high output with low vibration. Between your moves and Adele’s siren song we’re confident she’ll go “Crazy for You".