Daily Archives: March 5, 2012

Roku Streaming Stick

Your OTHER Streaming Stick

Everybody knows you’re QUITE happy with the streaming stick you have now (and have yet to hear any complaints), but let’s focus on technology for a second. The Roku Streaming Stick ($50.00 – $100) compresses Roku’s traditional set-top software into a device the size of a USB flash drive. Just plug it into your television’s HDMI port to utilize Roku’s Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) spec, and you’ll instantly gain access to an array of Roku’s web service applications, and plus their 400 channels, like Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Instant, Pandora, MLB.TV, and Rdio. The Streaming Stick keeps your Smart TV with built-in software from ever becoming obsolete, because it’s all about upgradability and space. Look for it in the Fall of 2012, and until then, just enjoy with the streaming stick you have.


Undo Your Drinking With Pills!

So you’ve got a stash of a Moonshine under your desk at work. And a globe that opens into a wet bar. And a Craftworks "Toolbox" that’s actually a beer ‘fridge. So what? So what indeed, especially now that you’ve got Drinkwel: The Multivitamin For People Who Drink ($33.00).

Created specifically for healthy people who drink, it’s chock full of ingredients that replenish nutrients, support healthy liver function, and help process alcohol-induced toxins and more, with ingredients like Milk Thistle, Artichoke Leaf, Amino Acids, Superfruits, Vitamin-B Complex, and Vitamin C. Drinkwel was formulated by two doctors – a PhD in Biomedical Science and a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. Thanks, science! Sorry for the interruption—we’ll let you get back to your Adult Chocolate Milk.

Mini-Glove Business Card Holder

A Mitt You Can Get Behind

While the jury’s still out on Mitt Romney and his Mormon-y, Richie Rich ways, we’ve got a mitt you can feel comfortable getting behind, no question. This whimsical Mini-Glove Business Card Holder ($45.00) stores your business cards on your desk as you make hot moves—political or otherwise. This 6-inch glove is handmade from genuine leather, and a perfect replica of a miniaturized major league glove. Show your love for America’s greatest number one pastime—capitalism and shameless self-promotion.

1948 Tucker

The Real Greased Lightning

1948 was a pretty good year. It gave the world its first monkey astronaut, London founded its first chapter of AA, and Olivia Newton-John was born. But perhaps the crowning achievement of ‘48 was this beauty of an automobile: the 1948 Tucker ($2.65 million). Only 51 of these gorgeous cars were ever produced, as Tucker, one of the last independent automakers, succumbed to Detroit’s Big Three (and a small investigation by the SEC). Before its demise, the Tucker Sedan was way ahead of its time, with a directional third headlight (aka the “Cyclops Eye”) that could light the road around corners, doors that extended to the roof for easy entry and exit, a perimeter frame for crash protection, a removable drive train to make repairs a piece of cake, and actual set belts—a first for 1948. And, this puppy is rumored to have hit 131mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Though they never hit the road in full production, the Tucker remains a stunner today, selling at auctions for as much as $2.65 mill. If only you’d been there to bid, you and Sandra Dee could be cruising around as we speak.