Daily Archives: January 30, 2012

Remington Beard Trimmer

Take A Little Off The Chin Strap

If there’s one thing you learned on your hot air balloon trip around the world, it’s that different ladies like different things, especially when it comes to facial hair. In Paris, they like a Fu Man Chu.

In Guatemala, bushy sideburns they can really grab onto. Middle America? Chin Strap all the way. And you? You’re a pleaser. So whatever the ladies want, that’s what you’ll give them. The Remington Touch Control Beard and Stubble Trimmer ($47.00) can deliver it all. Its unique LED touch screen lets you control the trimmer’s length and speed, so you can choose between 175 different lengths from 0.4 to 18.0 mm.

Its cordless operation and portable USB charging cord mean you can take it with you and change it up on the road—just in case you’re headed to someplace unexpected like La Mancha, where they really love a good Flavor Saver.

Honda VT 1300

This Bike’s For You

If ever there were a bike with your name on it, this would be it. It’s sleek. It’s smooth. For the love of God, it even shares your college nickname: The Slammer Bagger. Introducing The Slammer Bagger: Honda VT 1300. One of three concept bikes that Honda North America has unveiled, this marvel of a machine was based on a 2010 Stateline, and transformed by designer Erik Dunshee. It’s got fully adjustable air-ride front & rear suspension, a NAV/Multimedia system with a GPS speed display tucked into its fairing, three speakers, including a 10-inch subwoofer & 500-watt sound system, and a 23-inch spec designed front wheel. Its full custom bodywork, including a leather drop seat and two-tone Satin metallic black and pearl black paint is bound to get you noticed by the ladies—and keep the old nickname alive.

Wilson Castaway Volleyball

The End Of Loneliness.

Next time you take your Volkswagen Aqua just a tad bit too far out, and end up marooned on a desert island, you’re going to need some way to amuse yourself before your Flynon Personal Sea Plane arrives. Just make sure never to travel without a Wilson Castaway Volleyball ($16.00). Not only can you bump, set and spike him, but carry on long and meaningful conversations together. You can also rest assured that he’ll never criticize the way you look in a loin cloth.

Adidas Star Wars Wampa Sneakers

Wampa, Please!

What’s a Wampa? Wampa, please. (If you’re still not sure, look it up on Wookiepedia.) If you said “Duh,” please read on. This post is for you, and so are these Adidas Star Wars Campus 80S Wampa Sneakers ($190.00). The Star Wars-obsessed folks at Adidas have ensconced this retro basketball shoe with faux Wampa fur (it’s actually horsehair), and added a Wampa tongue badge, plus a laser-cut Wampa logo. There’s also a Star Wars print removable insole. Make us wanna Say Bamp Chica Wamp-uhhhhh.