Daily Archives: January 27, 2012

ION Mobile DJ

Are Your Guests Not Entertained?

When your party guests have tired of your Puma Chalk Ping Pong Table, Arcade Table, and G.I. Joe Collector’s Set, you’re going to have to figure out some way to keep them entertained. If only you had some sort of mobile DJ…oh wait! Now you can, with the ION Mobile DJ ($223), a single box that contains dual docks for iPod and iPhone, inputs and effects from microphones and a powerful speaker system. The ION Mobile DJ lets you play music and mix between songs from two devices with a DJ-style crossfader, and if you and a friend are down for a duet (and we’re sure you are), there are two mic inputs that let you do just that. The system actually even includes one mic in the package. It’s also got selectable effects to add echo and ambiance to your vocals, and its wheels, telescoping handle and 12-hour rechargeable battery mean this party is on the move. Who’s up for a little “Islands In The Stream?”

Baxter of California Skin Care Set

Mug Management

Ya face. It's what gets you smacked, smooched and sought after. It's your ambassador to the world. Don't let it go to hell. Trust your epidermis to the Skin Care Set by Baxter of California ($48.00), created by Baxter Finley, the "unsung father of the modern men's skincare industry" in 1965, straight out of Beverly Hills.

This trio of face wash, herbal mint toner and oil free moisturizer is your secret weapon to get you and your face out of (or into) any kind of jam you require, or desire.

Chanel Surfboard

Hanging Ten With Coco

Your trip to the Banzai Pipeline is almost completely set. You’ve got your brunch resi’s with Laird and Gabby, a case of Hawaiian Tropic, and more Don Ho on your iPod than you actually feel comfortable with. The only thing missing is a new surfboard. Perhaps this Chanel Surfboard ($9,000) might be worth your consideration. Shaped in monochrome carbon fiber, polyurethane and fiberglass, these luxury boards are available in black, white and red, and all feature Chanel’s signature logo. Our one word of advice? Don’t forget the Sex Wax.

Bridge Desktop Paper Shredder

Create Your Own Confetti

Certain things in life deserve to be celebrated. A victory in the Superbowl. New Year’s Eve. The destruction of sensitive documents and/or photos that threaten to tarnish your otherwise lily white reputation. Now you can rid yourself of such evidence and create your own party confetti all in one fell swoop, with the Bridge Paper Shredder ($50.00). This small but stylish paper shredder is discreet enough to sit on your desk, then fit onto virtually any wastepaper basket when it’s needed. It’s battery operated, incredibly convenient, and available in either blue/white or brown/white. If saying goodbye to those Polaroids from Cabo aren’t reason to celebrate, we really don’t know what is.

TAGG Pet Tracker

Not So Fast, Fido

Whether it’s canoodling with the neighbor’s poodle or napping in the East Wing (which he KNOWS is forbidden until summer), Fido sometimes gets his nose where it doesn’t belong. Now, with the TAGG Pet Tracker ($110/monthly plan), you can see exactly where he is 24/7. Just attach this simple GPS device to his collar, and use your computer or smartphone to see just what that furry fiend is up to. You can even set up a Tagg zone of places he’s supposed to be, and if he roams outside the zone, an alert system will let you know. Which means no lost dogs, and no more surprise litters for you OR Fido.