Daily Archives: January 25, 2012


Fire! With Actual Fire.

So you’re a guy who likes a nice scented candle. The soft glow accentuates your eyes, and you adore the fragrance of jasmine and honeysuckle. So what? Does that make you any less of a man? A little bit soft? Tell you what, don’t answer that, and pick yourself up a Pistolight ($4.00). Designed by SOODA e, this nifty little contraption transforms any disposable lighter into a tough, gangsta piece (literally). Just pop any standard disposable lighter into the shaft and BOOM! Ready, aim, and…fire. You also might consider picking up the Blind Barber Tompkins Candle. As far as manliness goes, we’d say the smell of leather out-testosterones lilac any day.

The Elia Kazan Collection Select

The Creme De La Creme Of Kazan.

You know, you and director Elia Kazan are pretty similar. His movies have won tons of Oscars. You once won an Oscar Meyer Wiener eating contest. And while your incredible performance will forever be remembered by the plaque in your basement, Elia’s greatest work is gathered here, in The Elia Kazan Collection ($139), selected by Martin Scorsese. These fifteen movies include unforgettable performances from Hollywood greats, like Marlon Brando, James Dean, Warren Beatty, Natalie Wood and Walter Matthau, in movies like On The Waterfront, A Streetcar Named Desire, and East of Eden, just to name a few. Scorsese kicks off Disc 1 with a documentary about Kazan’s life and career, including his role in the infamous McCarthy hearings. Fire up the grill and stock up on buns—it’s gonna be an Oscar fest tonight.

Caterham Superlight Sprintster

A Truly Magnificent Seven

Your country cottage in Cornwall is positively perfect, from its stone fireplace to its impeccable live-in help. The one thing it’s missing, however, is something fun in the driveway. Lucky for you, the chaps at Caterham Cars have been at it again, with the Caterham Seven Superlight R500 Sprintster ($70,000). Based on the Lotus Seven, this small, nimble two-seater earns its moniker “Sprintster” with a 263 horsepower Ford 2.0 liter Duratec engine that goes from 0 to 60 in 2.88 seconds. Its light aluminum, carbon fiber and Kevlar body make it “Superlight” for incredible performance and handling. Great details like ACES change-up lights, a Quick-release Momo Steering Wheel with integrated indicator switches, and a carbon interchangeable wind deflector add to the fun. Might as well tell Jeeves now not to wait up.

iPAL Radio

Little Box. Big Sound.

As your run-in with that troop of Black Howler Monkeys in eastern Bolivia taught you last summer, sometimes very loud noises can come from very small packages. Same goes for the Tivoli iPAL Radio ($220). The iPAL (Portable Audio Laboratory) is a portable playback system that hooks up to your iPod, laptop or portable CD player, plus has a built-in AM/FM radio that delivers serious sound from a high-end 2.5-inch speaker. Its rechargeable battery pack is good for 16 hours of cordless playback, and its rubberized cover was designed to be weather resistant, and protect its ports from water and sand. Which makes the iPAL perfect for long walks on the beach, or treks through the Bolivian jungle.

Stayclip Collar Stays

Stay! Good Collar.

Control is a good thing. Whether it’s over an audience, a company, or the remote (just let them TRY and keep you from watching “The Notebook” one more time). Now you can gain control of your unruly collars with these Stayclip Stainless Steel Collar Stays ($25.00). Toss the flimsy plastic doodads and trade up to these durable, brushed solid stainless steel beauties. The Executive Set comes with 8 pairs of stays ranging from 2.2 to 3 inches, and a clever Stayclip organizer ring that can be mounted to the wall next to your shirts. You can even get your collar stays engraved with whatever you desire. Which should work out well with that control thing.