Daily Archives: January 18, 2012

Twin Bell Station Alarm Clock

Alarmingly Chic

When you have a flawless internal clock that wakes you whenever you like, you don’t have to rely on ordinary timepieces like the rest of us. However, if you want one just for looks then the Twin Bell Nude Station Alarm Clock ($32.00) will gussy up your nightstand real nice. This sleek and contemporary alarm clock from Karlsson is modern in design while still retaining the classic bell alarm clock structure. Which might come in handy if your overnight guest doesn’t possess the same supernatural ability to wake herself up.

Nestrest by Dedon

Love Nest

You’ve always had a hunch that you may have been a bird in a previous life. Your small appetite, huge wingspan, and incredible singing voice just to name a few. So your avian alter ego will feel right at home in the Nestrest by Dedon ($500-$5,000). This oversized bird’s nest offers a secluded sanctuary for meditation, relaxation or a semi-private make out sesh. Made of especially strong Dedon fiber, the hanging lounger is weaved to provide sturdiness, durability and privacy. Place it on the ground, perch it on an outlook, or hang it from a tree and watch women flock to it like the female fowl from your past life.

Retro Post 1989: GameBoy

Mario And Luigi Take To The Streets

They’re short. They’re moustached. They like to bash their heads into bricks for coins. And now, Mario and Luigi can accompany you anywhere and everywhere you go. Introducing the Nintendo Game Boy. An 8-bit handheld gaming device at the forefront of gaming technology, that will change the way you feel about going to church forever. This portable fun-box has almost all the fun of a full-sized Nintendo system, and runs on 4 AA batteries, with the option to connect to an external rechargeable battery back or AC adapter. A 3.5 mm stereo jack connects to headphones or speakers, so you won’t disturb the sermon–unless of course you shout out in celebration when you save Princess Toadstool. Game Boy comes with Tetris; Super Mario Land, Baseball, Tennis and Alleyway sold separately. It doesn’t get much more high-tech than this.

The Puffin Flight Vehicle

I Believe I Can Fly

While you could use your helicopter or private jet for transportation, sometimes the destination doesn’t warrant it. For short trips around town, the Puffin Personal Flight Vehicle is ideal. The electric-powered single person air vehicle lifts off vertically like a helicopter and flies horizontally like a hang-glider. It can generate 60 horsepower to hover and maintains an average cruising speed of 150 mph. The aircraft is a slight 12 feet with a 14.5 foot wingspan making it easy to store in any one of your ten car garages. Unfortunately, it’s still only a design concept, but once NASA finds out how deep your pockets are, perhaps they might move things along.

Minx: Behati Prinsloo

Oh Behati!

We know, we know, you only read the Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Catalog for the articles. But you might want to pay some attention to the pictures next time around, as it was recently announced that Minx: Behati Prinsloo has just won the honor of appearing on its cover.

Otherwise known as Mrs. Adam Levine (single tear), Behati Prinsloo is a celebrity in her own right, with a modeling career that started when she was discovered at the age of 16 while vacationing in Cape Town, South Africa. A native of Goortfontein, Namibia, the Afrikaan stunner has taken the fashion world by storm, walking for iconic brands like Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Prada and Louis Vuitton, just to name a few, and gracing the cover of “Vogue” in four countries and “Elle” in three.

Clearly a lady with international appeal, we’re sure Behati will kill it in Hawaii at her sunset shoot for the VS swimsuit catalog. She’s a seasoned Angel, earning her wings in 2009 and opening their fashion shows in 2014 and 2015. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Behati in 2016.

Picnic Backpack

Packing A Lunch Has Never Been Classier

Next time you and the lady sail the South Pacific in the BMW Intermarine 55 Motoryacht, you’ll need the proper tools for remote island dining. After you drop anchor, strap on a Picnic Backpack ($91.00) and enjoy a meal al fresco. The pack comes stocked with a blanket, silverware, plates, cutting board, cheese knife, wine holder, bottle opener, and glasses. The only thing it doesn’t include is the food, so make sure your yacht’s chef provides a gourmet meal before you disembark.