Daily Archives: January 13, 2012

Iguana 29 Ground Boat

To Yacht Or Not?

As the world is covered with 70% water, your yacht comes in handy pretty much anywhere. But let’s face it–if you’re gonna be a real player, you’re going to have to figure a way to navigate that other 30%. You should probably look into an Iguana 29 Ground Boat. Like its reptilian namesake, the Iguana 29 can operate on land, using a caterpillar track system in its under-carriage that retracts into the hull once you’re back in the water. The inspiration came from Antoine Brugidou, as a solution to navigating waters where the tide can go out for miles, or is riddled with sandbanks, rocks and currents. This innovative, patent-pending design also allows you and your 7 passengers to climb the beach in complete comfort and simply disembark on dry land. Which should come in handy when you pull up to that new beach house you won in last week’s poker match.

Denon DP-A100 Turntable

Scratch That

Once upon a time, when the world was still fresh, DJ’s played things called turntables. This was before iPods or MacBooks could do their jobs for them, while they left to score from the bartender. But alas! We remember those days of the noble wheels of steel, and we celebrate with Denon’s DP-A100 Turntable ($1,500). In honor of its 100th birthday, Denon is releasing the DP-A100 anniversary model with the same high-performance, Denon direct-drive turntable technology that has delivered cogging-free, high-precision rotation for ages. This beauty comes with a special 100th anniversary logo badge, a 5-year warranty, and a signed certificate of authenticity from the chief production engineer who crafted this fine piece of equipment. You’ll also get a DL-A100 cartridge and a Denon brand book that explores the history of this kickass audio-visual company. Round up your peeps and party like it’s 1996.

Cremo Ultimate Shave Cream

No More Nicks.

No, we don’t mean saying goodbye to Nick Jonas, Nick Lachey, or Nick Cage (though it would pain us to close the door on another potential National Treasure sequel). Today, we bid you to say adieu to the nicks you experience while shaving.

Same goes for cuts, scrapes and razor irritation, thanks to Cremo Cream, The Astonishingly Superior Shave Cream ($9.00). This extremely rich shaving cream contains unique, super-lubricating, highly-slippery molecules designed to make your razor blade glide as swiftly and gracefully across your face as Brian Boitano at the ’88 Olympics.

This luxury shave cream is loaded with powerful skin conditioners and is infinitely superior to foam-based shave creams that are chock-full of air. All you need is an almond-sized drop of Cremo for a close, smooth, nick-free shave. As for Jonas, Lachey and Cage, you’re just going to have to deal.

Eddie Bauer Travel Trailer

Rough Enough

Ah, nature. The fresh air. The babbling brooks. The laminated countertops and goose down pillows, hauling ass in a silver streak from sea to shining sea. Meet the Eddie Bauer Airstream Travel Trailer($73,702) the gentleman’s answer to the call of the wild. Now, the next time you and Mother Nature get together, it’ll be on your terms. This upscale, Eddie Bauer-tricked out Airstream has everything the upscale adventurer could want, from a handheld outdoor shower and rear sport hatch to accommodate oversized equipment like kayaks, bikes and fishing gear, to all the comforts of home, like a queen-sized bed, removable dinette table, plus a premium AV package, complete with 22” LED TV, cable hookup and sub-woofer. Throw in a goose down comforter, pillows and throw (all furnished by Eddie himself), some co-branded daypacks, and you’ll be (semi-)roughing it in no time.

3D Printed Bike Mount

Hold The Phone

After your close call trying to bike down Kilimanjaro and simultaneously order a pizza (no one told you there’s no Papa John’s in Tanzania), perhaps it’s time to get yourself one of these: a 3D Printed Bike Mount for iPhone by Purligar ($46.00). 3D printing is the latest form of manufacturing technology that creates a 3D object by laying down successive layers of material, which in itself is pretty cool. What makes this Bike Mount extra pretty cool is that it keeps your hands free by securing your iPhone to your bike’s handlebars, so you can track your GPS, speed, or distance traveled while keeping your hands on the handlebars. Just put Papa J on speed dial and you’re good to go.