Daily Archives: January 11, 2012

Robot Boxing Machines

Robo-Cage Fighting.

Like most red-blooded American males (and many masked Mexican wrestlers), you love a good cage match. Now, with these Robot Boxing Machines ($17,000), you can actually get into the cage, and fight your opponent from behind a crosshatch of steel. For a mere 17K, you and a friend (or beloved mortal enemy) can each climb into one of these blood-thirsty robots and let the wailing begin. Thumb-triggered buttons and two independent joysticks control the pneumatic-powered, tire-fisted arms, as you pound each other into oblivion. Hidden wheels are powered by a Honda gas engine, and let you travel up to 3mph for up to five hours of fighting. Or until one of you has to pee.

Loewe Invisio Transparent TV

A TV To Complement Your Invisible Jet

Now, when you’re not watching TV, you can watch what’s BEHIND your TV. How’s that, you say? With the Loewe Invisio, quite possibly the world’s coolest, clearest television. This new design by Michael Friebe appears to be just a solid piece of glass attached to a modern-looking metal base, but it’s actually a state-of-the-art television that combines conventional LCD and the latest TOLED display technology to produce solid moving pictures that encompass the range of colors in full contrast, from solid black to pristine white. Just be sure not to walk into it after too many invisible cocktails.

Planet Earth Box Set

Word To Your Mother (Earth).

After that four-year, seven-continent, mountain-scaling, deep-sea-diving, lion-trashing trip you took last year, leave it to the airlines to lose your luggage, and all the pictures you took with it. No bother, though, you can still relive all the wonders of our world with the Planet Earth Limited Edition Box Set ($62.00). Expertly narrated by Sir David Attenborough, these 6 discs arrive in a collector’s edition weighted globe, with all 11 parts of the BBC series in its entirety, plus special commentary and behind the scenes footage. High-def cinematography in super-slow-motion and motion-controlled time lapse unveil a breathtaking world most humans never get to see, like swimming macaques in the Ganges delta, the bioluminescent “vampire squid” of the deep sea, and a night-vision sequence of a lion pride attacking an elephant. Ah, memories.

Beats Executive Headphones

Trust Dre, He’s A Doctor

You’ve used the line, “Trust me, I’m a doctor” so many times that now, you actually believe it. Turns out, it’s good advice, when it comes to Dr. Dre and Beats, his line of professional headphones. The newest addition to the crew, the Beats Executive Headphones ($300), are set to trump even their most popular seller, the Studio. The Executive are sophisticated, high-definition headphones that boast a sleeker, brushed-metal design, and a range of new features. Hear the music exactly as the artist intended, with noise cancellation, a built-in shutoff feature that preserves battery life, and a pure, crisp sound that’s truly in a class of its own. Because even fake doctors like to listen to their music in peace.