Daily Archives: January 10, 2012

Ebony Poker Set by Dal Negro

Poker? I Barely Know Her!

Seeing as you’ve perfected your p-p-p-pokerface after long hours in the bathroom mirror and some practice with your supervisor, “Of course that trip to Cabo was for business, sir,” you may as well start putting it to good use. And the Ebony Poker Set by Dal Negro ($820) is a classy way to do it. On the outside, it’s an exotic ebony box with a striking star-shaped embellishment inlaid into the wood. On the inside, you’ll find a green fabric-lined interior with 2 decks of cards, and 200 European-style chips adorned with gilded denominations. In your capable hands, we think it’s safe to say the ante’s already been upped.

iHome IP4 Portable Boombox

Get That Boom Boom Now

It’s today. No, it’s the 80’s! No, it’s today! No, it’s the 80’s! With the iHome IP4 Portable Boombox ($81), it feels like both. The chunky b-box design screams Corey Haim, while the iPod and iPhone technology screams that kid from Twilight (the werewolf, not the vampire). The iHome IP4 lets you play music from either FM radio, or your iPod or iPhone, without the need for any inserts. This throwback boombox features SRS TruBass digital signal processing and a powerful amplifier, plus a 5 band graphic equalizer with LCD display. Adjustable EQ sliders let you fine tune precisely the tone you want, and its magnetic remote control lets you lounge on the couch uninterrupted. Pop in 6 D batteries, or plug it in with its included universal voltage adapter and turn that Twilight soundtrack out. We know “Bella’s Lullaby” is your favorite.

The Hungover Cookbook

Feed The Hangover…

Just because you don’t know all the names of the people you found sprawled out across your property this morning (or this afternoon as the case may be) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer them a decent breakfast. The Hungover Cookbook ($8.00) can help, even if you’re suffering from a similar Party Flu. First, this book will help identify what kind of hangover you have (apparently there are six, including The Cement Mixer and The Gremlin Boogie, to name just two), and then whip up a meal appropriate to each ailment. They also very nicely include difficulty ratings, so you can assess for yourself what is even vaguely possible to achieve. Whether you end up with a Chorizo Omelette or a Traditional Japanese Breakfast, allow us to suggest a Brinley Gold Rum and OJ to wash it down. We’re sure that chick you found over by the topiaries will thank you for it.

Stihl Battery Chain Saw

For The Lumberjack On The Go

You never know when you’re going to need a chainsaw to rassle up some firewood, blow off some steam, or fulfill your lady friend’s latest lumberjack fantasy. The STIHL Battery-Powered Chain Saw ($350) is a neat, and environmentally sustainable way to accomplish all of the above. Charged with a 36 Volt lithium-ion battery (battery and charger both sold separately), you get the power and quality you expect from a STIHL without the hassle of mixing fuel, dealing with power cords or worrying about harmful emissions. A balanced, lightweight design and low vibration provide user comfort, and its Toolless Quick Chain Adjuster ensures fast and easy chain adjustment. STIHL’s advanced lithium-ion batteries are designed to run at full speed until depleted, which means there’s no gradual drop in power as you work. Choose from two battery models–the AP 160, which has a 60 minute run time, or the AP 80 with a 35 minute run time. Not that any job you set out to do would ever take that long, but it’s nice to know it’s there just in case.

Sportsman Motorized Bicycles

Pedaling Optional

It’s always nice to have options. Red or white? Cracked crab or bouillabaisse? Double Bubble or Big League Chew? Now, when it comes to your cycling needs, you have yet another option: to pedal or drive. The Sportsman Flyer Motorized Bicycle ($1,250+) can either be pedaled like a bike or, once the engine is started, driven like a motorcycle. Sportsman Flyers are similar to the look and feel of motorcycles made just after the turn of the century (the 1900’s, not the 2000’s), and though in most states, they’re only legally allowed to go 30mph, in actuality, they can go much faster. Each bike is hand built to order and customized to your specifications, and it arrives with an original owner’s certificate and serial number. Performance varies by which model you choose, from the entry level Flyer on up to the Racer or WZ. Whichever gorgeous, classic bikes you choose, you’ll be sure to have people lining up to take a ride. Which of course, offers up another option: blonde or brunette?