Daily Archives: January 6, 2012

Atari Arcade-Duo Powered

Get Your Donkey Kong On

Back in the day there wasn’t an Atari game you came in contact with that you couldn’t beat. Now you can reclaim that arcade glory with the Atari Arcade-Duo Powered ($15.00). Connect it to your iPad and download the App to get your retro gaming fix. The springy joystick and four concave buttons are classic Atari, and if by chance you have similarly geek-inclined friends, the battery-free system can accommodate up to 2 players. Save up your quarters for an iPad though, because unfortunately, it’s not included.

Hanebrink Electric Bike

Where No Bike Has Gone Before

Everyone knows that bicycles are just cars for the poor. So why settle for one that doesn’t pedal for you? The all-terrain Hanebrink Electric Bike ($5,500+) is built for snow, sand, or gravel with fat chunky tires, 14-speed gears and an integrated lithium-ion battery that gives you an hour of assisted pedaling from a three-hour charge. Bring it on your buddies’ next mountain biking trip and watch them drop off behind you like flies.

The Correspondent Carryon

King Of The World!

If you were alive in 1912, you would have been a first class passenger on the Titanic and your luggage might have looked something like this. Luckily for you and the future heirs to your estate, you were not. However, you can still have luggage inspired by the era. The Correspondent Carryon by Steamline Luggage ($437)  resembles classic vintage craftsmanship with an industrial fiber finish, discreet trolley wheels, and a detachable leather strap. When you’re traveling with luggage this old timey you might be tempted to fraternize with the lower class. There’s nothing wrong with slumming it sometimes.

Kabuki Bottle Opener


Finally, your time in Japan as a classically trained Kabuki dancer can be memorialized properly. The Kabuki Bottle Opener ($8.00) comes in vibrant designs and colors based off of Japanese Kabuki performance artists. When you’re feeling nostalgic, crack open a Sapporo and paint your face in the bottle opener’s likeness. Do itashi mashite (aka, “you’re welcome”).

Geneva Model XS Travel Audio

Time Traveler

Last time you forgot to bring your own alarm clock you missed brunch with Tebow and the rest of the team. Granted the loss was all theirs, but it was annoying nonetheless. The Geneva Model XS Travel Audio System ($201) is the first travel clock with true hi-fi sound provided by two one-inch tweeters and a 2.25-inch woofer. Speakers, amplifiers, a digital FM tuner and alarm clock are all housed in an attractive clamshell case that features a flip-open functionality. The device is Bluetooth-enabled so you can stream music from your iPhone or iPad and it comes in white, red or black. Keep one packed in your Herschel Supply Novel Duffel and you’re guaranteed to be up in time to watch Denver take it all the way.