Daily Archives: January 5, 2012

Fork-Knife Chopsticks

When In Rome…

Since your travels take you around the globe, you should always come prepared to dine wherever you land. That makes The Fork-Knife Chopsticks ($10.00) a must-have for your carryon bag. Made from reusable, dishwasher safe plastic, this knife and fork set interlocks to become a pair of spring-loaded chopsticks. So you can nosh on steak and potatoes in Austin and then gracefully dine on some freshly cut sashimi in Singapore. A deadly puffer fish is no big deal when you have the ability to transform regular utensils into mind-bending chopsticks like this.

Philips Dual Dock Radio

Master Multi-Tasker

A hardworking man like yourself enjoys something that can perform double duty like the Sony Fusion Coffee Table and your assistant/girlfriend. The Phillips DC390 Dual Clock Radio ($65) actually serves up quadruple duty on a silver aluminum dock. You can play and charge up to two devices at the same time and rely on it for regular clock functions. So now you can wake up to Coldplay AND a fully charged iPhone. Roll over and tell your assistant to run out and get one ASAP.

Scottish Spirits: Whisky In A Can

Whiskey To Go

Whether you’re breaking ground for your own personal monument or just tailgating with the guys, it’s not convenient to schlep around your favorite bottle of Scotch. Scottish Spirits is changing that by producing Whiskey In A Can ($5.00/can) The high quality Scotch is distilled and matured in Scotland for three years in oak barrels, and hits the spot in a way that beer can’t. The convenience of a can means you can take it almost anywhere (Manchester United match excluded).

Tiffany & Co Compass

Finding Your Way

If there’s one thing you could say about your life it’s that it’s going in the right direction. You’ve got the Maybach Excelreo in your driveway, a standing tee time at the club, and Miss May on your arm. But a Tiffany & Co 1837 Compass ($345) wouldn’t hurt to keep you on the right path. The precise compass is encased in a sterling silver box befitting of the T & CO logo engraved on the side. Aim it in the direction of your five-year plan and watch the goodness unfold.

Star Wars Burton Snowboards

Jedi Snow Tricks.

As a closet Star Wars fan (we saw you under that Ewok mask at Comic-Con) and an avid snowboarder, you’ll appreciate the latest collaboration between Lucas Films and Burton Snowboards. The limited edition series of Star Wars Burton Chopper Snowboards ($190) feature eight different iconic images from the original Star Wars trilogy including Yoda, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and the original movie poster. Unfortunately, they only come in youth sizes, but if you’re small enough to pass for an Ewok then you might not have a problem. May the force be with you.