Daily Archives: December 30, 2011

Segway X2 Golf


If there’s anything you like to keep more manicured than your body hair, it’s your girlfriend’s body hair. But the greens on your golf course are a close second. And the Segway x2 Golf ($8,500) helps keep that course meticulous, while adding a nice little dollop of fun. The x2 Golf was designed specifically for the links, with extra wide tires, a range of 14 miles (that should cover all 36 holes), plus a special Golf Bag Carrier Attachment, and Scorecard Holder, to keep your scorecard, balls and tees at the quick and ready. Last one to wheel to the clubhouse is a rotten egg!

The Pad Stash by Nau

Cover Up Those Assets

What with all the holidays parties you’ve been invited to, your wool kilt has been getting a LOT of use lately. And every time you strap it on, you think the same thing: “If only I had a woolen iPad cover to match.” Well, my brother, you’re in luck. The Pad Stash by Nau ($75.00) is a stylish way to stash your iPad. Die-cut from sustainable wool felt, this durable case doubles as a stand for easy viewing. They even considerately included some soft security pockets and a SIM card slot so you can keep yourself organized. As for the draft up your kilt, sorry, we can’t help you there.

Maserati Kubang Luxury SUV


Over the last decade, sporty luxury SUV’s have become a lot like you–everybody wants a piece of the action. Far be it from Maserati to sit this one out. Meet the newly remodeled Maserati Kubang SUV ($103,000). First introduced in 2003 in response to the Porsche Cayenne, the Kubang has been lovingly redesigned, repackaged and re-released into the wild, all under the tasteful eye of Maserati’s Lorenzo Ramaciotti. The basis of the Kubang is actually a Jeep Grand Cherokee, but the engine, suspension, steering and brakes are pure Maserati. You can expect an AT eight-speed automatic transmission, and a choice of several new engines, all designed by ex-Ferrari F1 engine designer Paolo Martinelli. With a Maserati pricetag, we’re not sure you’ll want to take this puppy off-roading, but again, like you, it sure is nice to look at.

The Pavillon Helmet

Style Is All In Your Head

Your route across Eurasia is just about finalized, and your customized Falcon Bullet is raring to go. That means the only thing you’re missing is a ridiculously expensive and stylish helmet. Please allow us to suggest an entire line: The Pavillion Helmet ($830) from Ruby. Designed by Jerome Coste, the Pavillion helmets come in a dazzling array of colors and designs, from stripes to checks to grids to funky places in between. They’re each constructed of a carbon shell, chrome or leather trim (depending on the model) and feature a rich, red, Nappa lambskin leather interior, plus snaps for aftermarket peaks or visor shields. Which means you’ll be safe and styling from Zurich to Zhengzhou.

The Cobra Tag

>Lost & Found

When you own as many cars, boats, and private islands as you do, you’re bound to lose track of one now and then. Attach a Cobra Tag ($43.00) to your Go-Kart keys, wallet, girlfriend, or land mass and you’ll never misplace them again. A sensor on the Cobra Tag communicates with the free app on your phone to help you locate your valuables. If you happen to lose your phone, the Cobra Tag can also be used to find it too. Simply tap the button on the Cobra Tag to ring your Smartphone, and voila! The only calls you’ll be missing are the ones you deliberately send to voicemail.