Daily Archives: December 15, 2011

Halley 4150 Arc Lighting System

Follow The Bright Light

After that close call with the puma in the Yukon last winter, you’ve been seeing lights. Initially it was just the large one you were moving toward, but once you came to and strangled the cat with your bare hands it dissipated to peripheral ones. When you see the Halley 4150 Arc Lighting System for the first time you might feel that same urge to go toward its heavenly glow. Designed to illuminate an outdoor space, the LED strip is easily installed and waterproof. Bring it on your next big game hunting expedition to give the beasts at least a fighting chance.

Nat Sherman Humidor

A Classy English Home For All Your Cubans

To keep your hand-rolled collection of Cuban cigars in the same perfect condition they were in when Castro gave them to you, you’re going to need a humidor. And that humidor should probably have a little bit a class. The Nat Sherman Humidor ($800) from cigar legend Nat Sherman is up to the task. Lined with Spanish cedar, the box helps maintain a stable humidity to ensure your Cubans age well (rumor has it that Fidel sleeps in one). The box has a built-in humidifier and hydrometer to gauge the temperature and keep your stogies fresh as a daisy. The one setback is that it only holds about 30-45 cigars, which might require you to buy two or ten (a gentleman never discloses his exact amount of smuggled contraband).

Aston Martin DB5 1964: JB 007

If The Car Fits…

It’s no secret that Daniel Craig wasn’t the director’s first choice. But when your availability and the Casino Royale shooting schedule didn’t align, compromises had to be made. If you can’t play the role you were born to play, you might as well have the car that made Bond the legend he is today. Driven by Sean Connery in Goldfinger and Thunderball, James Bond’s Iconic Aston Martin DB5 1964 is being auctioned off at Sotheby’s in London. You’re only a few hundred thousand Benjamins away from being the “anonymous collector” that takes home Double Oh Seven’s ride. Straight out of MI6, the DB5 features a bulletproof shield, oil slick and nail sprayer, revolving number plates, and a smoke screen, all controlled from factory-installed switches hidden in the center armrest. And even though it’s a drag to be typecast, consider it a compliment when art imitates life.

Kuro Coal Cube

Getting Fresh

Whether it’s a gallon of Russian Caviar, half a dozen Moroccan Blue Lobsters, or last month’s pizza pocket, your favorite staples can sometimes make your icebox funkier than George Clinton himself. Keep a Kuro Coal Cube ($22.00) stashed in there to purify and refresh the air. The White Charcoal not only reduces odors, it actually helps keep food fresher longer. So even if you and George gotta have that funk, you can leave your Frigidaire out of it.


A Bike You’ll Yike

With twenty-five thousand square feet at your disposal it wouldn’t hurt to have a little something to help get you from one side of your bachelor pad to the other. Weighing just 20 lbs and easily folded up and out of the way, the electric YikeBike ($2,000-$3,800) is the perfect addition to your lovenest. Perched above the front tire like you’re sitting on your friend’s handlebars, this portable bike has fast acceleration and anti-skid brakes. But unlike your buddy’s bars, you won’t be thrown off when you have to make a last minute stop at the John. The larger 20” front wheel makes this modern take on a penny-farthing relatively stable, yet we wouldn’t recommend launching it down a flight of stairs or trying to ride it tandem (we know how much you enjoy tandem).