Daily Archives: December 14, 2011

Easy Glider Wall Art

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Plane ART!

Remember your first plane? Not the private jet you charted to Nepal or the Mercedes-Benz Style EC145 Luxury Helicopter you picked up last year, but the balsa wood glider that you played with as a kid. Now you can pay homage to the toy that started it all with the Easy Glider Wall Art ($650). Screen-printed on Baltic Birch plywood the retro art piece reaches 27” high and spans 46” wide. We suggest hanging it in your office or den to keep a man of your extravagant means a little grounded.

Switch Salt & Pepper Shaker

Salt & Pepper, Solved

Between the caviar, Stone Crab platter, filet mignon, duck confit, and endless trays of Lobster Thermador, there's barely any space left on your lunch table for the salt and pepper. Consolidate in style, with the Switch Salt and Pepper Shaker ($14.00) from Fred and Friends' new 2011 lineup. A simple toggle button allows you to choose between what gets dispensed—the salt or the pepper. Now that that's settled, let's bring on the Oysters Rockefeller, shall we?

The Green Machine

For The Man Child In You

Back in the day the Green Machine was the holy grail of three-wheelers on the sidewalk. A kid like you probably had no less than four. Now, if you want to continue your three-wheel drag racing legacy, the guys from Parker Brother’s Choppers have created the man-size version. At 9-feet long, and reaching speeds up to 60 mph, this massive three-wheeled Lean Mean Green Machine ($75,000) is powered by a Harley-Davidson v-twin Evo engine. The gas powered bike features a ginormous 45” front wheel and, like its pedal predecessor, the cycle is steered by two handheld push/pull levers that control the two rear wheels. The hand levers control the brakes while a foot lever controls its manual 6-speed transmission. Unfortunately, it’s not street legal, but when has that stopped you before?

Impossible Collection of Cars

Car Pornography

The limited edition volume of Impossible Collection of Cars ($624) showcases the 100 most exceptional cars of the twentieth century. Impossible? Your sixty-five-car garage says otherwise. Think of it as a glossy photo album of your own private collection. From the 1909 Blitzen Benz to a 1997 Porsche 933 Turbo S, each luxury vehicle was chosen for its revolutionary design. This Impossible Collection is written by the Pulitzer Prize winning automotive columnist for the Wall Street Journal Dan Neil, and comes housed in a black rubber clamshell box. The 144-page volume makes for a great visual aide when requesting which car your driver should bring around front.

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

Hands Off Buster!

You paid your manservant overtime to hand slice some nice dry-aged skirt steak with imported Argentinian Chimichurri, and package it with love for today’s lunch. Do you really want to take the chance that Rob from accounting might snatch it up in his greedy little paws? Hell no! Make that sticky-pawed SOB think twice about taking your food with a brilliant Anti-Theft Lunch Bag ($8.00). These reusable zipper bags have disgusting green splotches printed on both sides, making your nice fresh lunch look rotten and spoiled. As rotten and spoiled as a would-be food thief who tried to cop your Chimichurri. Your manservant has killed men for less.