Daily Archives: December 13, 2011

Infinium Ale By Sam Adams

Here’s To Sam Adams!

When you own as many champagne flutes as you do skivvies, every once in a while, you might find yourself getting bored of traditional bubbly. The brewers at Samuel Adams and Weihenstephan feel your pain. They collaborated to produce Infinium, a crisp new champagne-like beer for men. The deep gold-colored, healthy-headed beer is well carbonated and malty without being too sweet or overly dry. Packaged in a handsome 750ml cork-finished bottle, the new brew contains 10.3 percent alcohol, which is conveniently twice the amount of the average beer. So grab your Corcksicle next time they organize a gala in your honor. Cheers!

21 Jump Street Collection

Jump! Back In Time.

As a former, strapping teen idol yourself, you’re no stranger to being the sexy, yet brooding, yet still good guy who sometimes wears a bandana. If you’re feeling nostalgic for a simpler time of mullets and acid wash jeans, you can relive it all with Depp, Grieco and the gang in The Complete 21 Jump Street Series ($3.00). While the 90’s cop drama can lean after-school-special at times, it’s nice to see the virgin performance of Mr. Depp before he got all weird and pirate-y. ARGH!

Audax 130 Sport Yacht

Not Your Grandfather’s Yacht

After years of pleading and tears, Audax has finally created a mega yacht that aligns with your sporty aesthetic. The Audax 130 Sport Yacht has all the luxurious features of a mega yacht, plus the aerodynamic and modern design that befits a young sailor like yourself. The 130-footer features sun lounges, spacious dining and living areas, plus a water-level garage for recreational water toys, which making this watercraft the equivalent of the kids’ table. But don’t feel bad, with a predicted 8 figure price tag there’s nothing kiddy about it.

Skull-Handle Umbrella

Rain, Rain, Bring It On!

If you’re anything like the Diddy (which, obviously, you are) you probably have someone on your payroll to carry your umbrella. But this menacing piece of artwork from Alexander McQueen is one you’ll want to wield yourself. Bring the slightly evil Skull-Handle Umbrella ($575) to board meetings or your floor seats during playoffs and let the chilling effigy do the talking. As an added plus, the sculpted brass skull-handled umbrella will look like a cane when folded up in its carrying case. If hip-hop culture has taught us anything it’s that there’s nothing more badass than packing a cane. Welcome to the thug life, brother.