Daily Archives: December 12, 2011

Jordan D.G.L.E. Basketball

For The Baller In You

You might not have a lot of time for basketball between your bi-coastal consulting business and your Cocoa Puff eating contests with your friends, but if the mood for a little B-Ball should strike, it would be nice to have a Jordan D.G.L.E ($30.00). on hand. With signature MJ style, the Jordan D.G.L.E. Men's Basketball is designed for both the hardwood and the pavement. The deep channels provide serious fingertip control, and the rotationally wound butyl interior ensures it will keep its shape, which isn’t always the case with everything in life (i.e. your belly post Cocoa Puff eating contest).

Marchi Mobile Element Palazo RV

Road Trip Like The 1%

Back in your college years, you and your buddies were known to ditch class and haul ass for an epic road trip or two. A few years and wise investments later, it’s time for an upgrade. The Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazo RV is the perfect ride for your next foray into the great wide open. But don’t let the Mobile Home/RV nomenclature fool you–this modern masterpiece considers shaving your own truffles “roughing it.” The EleMMent Palazo features an array of high-end features perfect for entertaining. After toasting under the stars in the flybridge lounge, you can take the party inside by converting your living room into a bar. If things go well, you and the ladies can retreat into the master bedroom where you can still view the revelry via remote video. If there were a classy way to call SHOTGUN, we would surely call it now.

Louis Vuitton Golf Bag

The Bag That Namedrops For You

Finally, a golf bag to match your luggage, wallet, iPhone cover and key ring. Louis has spared no expense (and neither will you) with this Louis Vuitton Golf Bag ($13,800). Crafted from Damier Géant canvas, with gold-tone hardware, and natural cowhide leather trim, this elegant and particularly sturdy golf bag holds a full set of clubs and features extra pockets inside and out. With a removable padded shoulder strap and a water-draining eyelet at the base, this top-of-the-line golf bag is as functional as it is ostentatious. So when you get on the course your bag will be stunning even if your game isn’t. Just make sure you know where your caddy lives.

Jason Markk Sneaker Solution Set

Kick It, Clean It, Kick It Again.

While trekking to reach the tribe of untouched peoples of Dahanu, unfortuantely, your kicks did not remain untouched. To get them back to their pre-globe trotting condition use a little of Jason Markk’s Premium Sneaker Solution Set ($18.00).

Each kit comes with an 4 oz. cleaning solution and a slick handcrafted wood block sneaker cleaning brush. The solution does wonders without the harsh chemicals or abrasives that normally damage shoe materials and colors, so book that trip to Tanzania STAT.