Daily Archives: December 5, 2011

RC Millennium Falcon

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Before Richard Branson promised to make space travel possible in our lifetimes, the closest you could get was pretending to be Hans Solo, manning the Millennium Falcon through dangerous space missions, hanging with Chewbacca and feeling up on Princess Leia’s slave-girl metal bikini. While this is a fine fantasy, the geeked out Star Wars SPEED STARS Millennium Falcon Remote Control ($140.00) from Hasbro lets you come yet a step closer. Armed with rotor technology, this mini-Millennium comes with three different channel selections that let you race or fight against other ships as you swoosh your way through the living room. A rechargeable LiPo battery is included, but alas, the Wookiee and far away galaxy are not.

Mad Max Ford Interceptor

The Car To End It All

Let’s face it — between zombies, the melting ice caps and a global obsession with Kim Kardashian, the Apocalypse is not far off. Luckily, there’s a fourth installment of the Australian classic Mad Max due out in 2012, and they’re working on the perfect car to get you through said Apocalypse as we speak. The Australian International Motor Show in Melbourne debuted scale models of two super bad ass Mad Max Interceptor Concept Cars, the top leading candidates vying for the spot as the hero car in Mad Max: Fury Road, replacing the ever-memorable 1973 Ford XB Falcom GT351. While those are pretty big wheels to fill, both proposed cars are sufficiently sleek, fast, matte black, and badass, living up to all the stuff that post-apocalyptic dreams are made of. Just be sure to keep Mel Gibson off set before sh*t really hits the fan.

Digital Food Scale

An Innovation To Create “The Situation”

As Mike Sorrentino can tell you himself, your abs aren’t going to chisel themselves. Sadly, in addition to crunches and planks, that also means that every morsel of food that enters your body needs to be accounted for. Enter the clever and cool Digital Nutrition Food Scale ($50.00) from The Sharper Image. It has a database of nearly 2,000 foods that lets you track calories, carbs, sugar, fiber and sodium. Plus, you can enter up to 99 custom foods and set daily goals for yourself. It’s lightweight, portable and easy to clean, so you can just toss it in your gym bag and focus on other, more important things in life. Like laundry and tanning.

Jackpot Slots iPad

Feeling Lucky?

If you’re lucky, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But more often than not…well let’s just say your mother can NEVER see that tattoo on your inner thigh. To avoid the pain of tattoo removal and the wrath of mom, next time just pick up the new Jackpot Slots ($9.00) from New Potato Technologies. This slick docking station transforms your iPad or iPhone into a real Vegas-style slot machine, complete with one-armed bandit knob. After installing the free gaming app, you can win actual physical prizes from New Potato. If only one of the prizes were tattoo removal, you’d be good to go. But until then, no family vacations on the BMW Intermarine 55 Motoryacht for you.