Daily Archives: December 2, 2011

Bluelounge MiniDock

Keep Your iPhone At Attention

We’ve all done it. Left our iPhone charging on the floor while we went about our business. You with your fencing match, your lady her power yoga. Your iPhone is just one misguided step away from a deadphone. The MiniDock from Bluelounge ($20.00) keeps your phone up and out of harm’s way. It sits upright in the MiniDock while it charges directly into the wall socket and frees up tabletop and counter space. So you can pursue your passions in cordless utopia. Touché, Bluelounge. Touché.

iTar iPad Guitar

A Serious Axe To Grind

You of all people know the value of a good party trick. Just ask your Siberian Tiger trainer. On the nights that the big cat is uncooperative, you can pull the iTar iPad Guitar ($200+) from your bag o’ tricks. The iTar case and fretboard from Starr Labs connects to your iPad, transforming it into a full-fledged electronic guitar. One riff on this and your guests will be begging for more. If you really want to take it up a notch you can teach your tiger how to shred.

David Yurman Classic 1957 Watch

On Don Draper Time

Not a lot of men can pull off a skinny tie and a ‘stache (nor should they try), but a classic man like yourself can rock just about anything. So the retro 1957 Watch: David Yurman’s Classic Collection should slip seamlessly into your wardrobe. Inspired by the 1957 Thunderbird, it features a gauge-like dial and orange hour and second hands. The case is 43.5mm diameter, stainless steel and houses an automatic Dubois Dépraz movement. With your wrist firmly secured in the 1950’s, don’t be surprised if you start throwing back scotch like it’s water and chain-smoking at your desk. All before 10am, of course.

Rubik’s Cube Retro Speaker

Turn Up Your Rubik’s Cube

Even well into the new millennium, you’ve made your affinity for 80’s nostalgia obvious by keeping the Top Gun Soundtrack on repeat and flying Mr. T out regularly for poker night. The Rubik’s Cube Speaker ($27.00) is a subtler icon from the era that you might appreciate. The 80′s toy is now iPod ready with a USB that connects to any sound source via standard 3.5mm audio cable. The great sound quality is only exceeded by the appearance of your Rubik’s Cube proficiency.