Daily Archives: December 1, 2011

Elvis & Kresse One Night Bag

A Hot Upgrade To Your Weekend Bag

Recycling is so 2010. The latest trend in eco-friendly goods is “upcycling” –the process of converting used materials into newer, better products. The One Night Bag from Elvis and Kresse ($360) is both upcycled and upscale. Created from de-commissioned fire hose, each bag is a true original with unique markings that only 25 years on the force could generate. And like your “upcycled” home in Curacao, it’s a great conversation piece.

Peugeot Velocite

The Big Wheel Is Back

When you rode your Big Wheel through the neighborhood, all the boys wanted to be you and all the girls wanted a piece of you. Not a lot has changed since then, except maybe your amount of facial hair and, of course, your ride. The Peugeot Velocite continues the three-wheeled legacy as a hybrid vehicle equipped with a zero emissions electric motor and motorcycle suspension that will ensure that even in 2020, you’re still the coolest guy on the block.

Kraken Black Spiced Rum

The Pride Of Davey Jones’ Locker

Growing up, as you did, on a multitude of various water vessels–ocean liners, catamarans, banana boats–you have an immense respect for the sea, and know all too well the stories of its perils. Yet perhaps there is one legend you are not yet familiar with–that of the Kraken. Allow us to explain. A magnificently evil, tentacled beast, the Kraken is said to have taken down a ship leaving the Caribbean islands, carrying an immense quantity of black spiced rum. The rum therein was named for the merciless sea monster that destroyed the very sailors who died trying to deliver it, and is said to be as black, strong and mysterious as the ink of the beast itself. Despite its calamitous past, Kraken Rum ($21.00) actually has a wonderful flavor to it, with overtones of vanilla and cloves, and a hint of underlying cinnamon. While Kraken is tasty enough to drink on its own, it also mixes well with others. The lost barrels are sure to be the highlight of Davy Jones’ locker.