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If your first reaction upon hearing about “Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine” was, “Wait, didn’t they already make a Steve Jobs movie?” the answer is yes, but this one’s much better. Besides the fact that this one was written by Alan Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle (both Oscar winners, we might add), the truth is, Jobs really IS interesting enough to garner two major motion pictures in two years. For proof, let’s take a look at some of his company’s game-changing products—and the cool products they inspired. … [Read More]
Steve Jobs: The Movie

Steve Jobs: The Movie

As Captain Obvious once declared, Mondays suck. Headlines & Heroes wants to change that. So we’ve partnered with our friends at Future FM to create New Music Monday, a weekly mix that eases you into the groove of the work week. You can find a new one right here, every Monday. Which should make them suck a lot less. This week, check out the old-school, hip-hop totally vibin' DJ T Gutta - Old School HipHop Mix. Enjoy. … [Listen Now]
The Future FM Presents: New Music Volume 5


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